Realeasing a Various Artist compilation is always a good opportunity to mix up things a bit. And mixing is what we do on the "Spectral Park".The title is corresponding to the content of LP. It's a wide spectrum of what we turned our attention to, recently. Well respected artists meet their followers, and those that are stepping their first steps.

An eclectic blend of new and old, slow and fast, sweet and sour, day and night - everything is to find on those thirteen fine tracks of our sampler. Few genres are represented on "Spectral Park" including several dub-influenced and minimal tracks, to mention only two of them. 

We'd like to thank to all artist who contributed to to "Spectral Park'.

Enjoy the music, and leave us some feedback!

Various Artist - Spectral Park (Eqq027)

01 Maskine_-_Maszyny  

02 Echo_TM_-_Organic_Dub  

03 Manuel_Romero_-_Berlin  

04 Mossa_-_Still_Around  

05 Tom_Mosler_-_Random_Sunset

06 Chine_-_Beaver

07 Martin_Donath_-_Small_Talk

08 Stig_Inge_-_Nearly_Lost

09 Carlo_-_Buz

10 Hermetico_-_Chiringuito

11 7am_-_Ciasto_Astralne

12 Mao_-_Milkyway

13 Baldo_-_Sofa_Surfer

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License equaliteq Date 2014-08-20 Filesize 159.6 MB Download 12