Our thirtieth release jubilee is a special album from our good friend - Markus Masuhr. Over 50 minutes of fantastic deep electronic music. Just like in the two previous cases, also this time Markus takes us for a journey. 

There was a confluence on Danube River, then visit in Novrosibirsk and now we are taken to Spanish lands. 

What we really like in this music is the perfect balance between the structure of rhythm and unique harmonic feeling. 

We think that it is a nice piece of our jubilee's cake :) 


Markus Masuhr - Hacjenda Budana (EQQ030)

01 Fela_Tu_Papila

02 Funcktion

03 Manika_Tunaska

04 Maria_Su_Et_La

05 Muchos_Machos

06 Ombreros_Domingo

07 Polka_Del_La_Potatos

08 Zumata_Del_Mata

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License equaliteq Date 2014-08-20 Filesize 213 B Download 3