Another e-plate and another new face in our groove family :). Our newest release is produced by young polish artist called a27. Probably he is still living in our solar system.

Usually he is absorbed in sticking together different pieces of sound and noises. He is not generating but sampling a whole his environment and the kindred spirits feed him with their own collections of tones. He is inspired by old refrigerators, snow flakes and birds. We hope that you will like his special language and music code.

a27 - QP (EQQ031)

01. [EQQ031] 01_01_a

02. [EQQ031] refff

03. [EQQ031] pr.A

04. [EQQ031] ffs

05. [EQQ031] miiii

06. [EQQ031] g-r

07. [EQQ031] eR-o

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