This release is the first issue of the Art Electronix at label. This electric pulsations enclosed in the soundwaves makes people dance and fly.

Original ideas are always risque. There is no knowing, weather new music material will be appreciated or run down. 'Array' had the chance of being taken under the wings of 'Equaliteq', and thus the chance to progress.

After a short break we are back with a new extended formula and new fantastic release.

Oplen’s new album was enriched by special video to one of his tracks “Electronic Music For Disarmament”. The author of this image is Geometria – Polish vj and video artist.

Another e-plate and another new face in our groove family :). Our newest release is produced by young polish artist called a27. Probably he is still living in our solar system.

Our thirtieth release jubilee is a special album from our good friend - Markus Masuhr. Over 50 minutes of fantastic deep electronic music. Just like in the two previous cases, also this time Markus takes us for a journey. 

With real pleasure, we'd like to announce next release of our good friend 7am.

He is an especial artist to us. Making regular contributions to our netlabel both with his own releases and single tracks for our compilations. Also, his first ep "Closer" was our first regular release, and the title track from this ep has came out on vinyl last year.

Realeasing a Various Artist compilation is always a good opportunity to mix up things a bit. And mixing is what we do on the "Spectral Park".The title is corresponding to the content of LP. It's a wide spectrum of what we turned our attention to, recently. Well respected artists meet their followers, and those that are stepping their first steps.