Art Electronix has two key members, Eugene and Catherine, who'd rather promote their music than their names. A shared passion for programming began six years ago and developed, over time, into a system of semi-improvised live performances.

"Over that period, we've managed to experiment within all manner of musical genres. We're constantly investigating extreme sounds; each and every time that [kind of disorienting clamor] allows us to create new paths - for new compositions. Our project deliberately throws a challenge out to musical convention and cliches." Circuit bending has proven an especially productive way to shun convention and open up new avenues. Loud, discordant noise clears the path very quickly. 

"Since childhood, in fact, we've been playing around with tape loops and - at the same time - forming our musical tastes under the combined influences of Aphex Twin, Prodigy, and Underworld." As the name-checking continues, Japan's Merzbow, Finland's Pan Sonic, Throbbing Gristle, and MuslimGauze also enter the picture. Art Electronix remain proud of their DIY aesthetic - and any achievements reached without external funding or studio wizardry. "In most cases, our compositions are made from collages of old, defective sounds - together with old-school drum machine beats, all in the true Detroit spirit." [Far From Moscow]

...Fascinated by machinery, electronics and programming, Art Electronix are followers of sound discoveries aboard their spacecraft, they explore the complex maze of audio synthesis, surfing the sine waves without trembling.

Battery operated and therefore low voltage, toys are particularly suited to this kind of practice and appreciated by aficionados sounds incongruous. Associated with more conventional machines such as Tr 707 or Korg Electribe, they open possible by generating randomly buzz, beep and inimitable crrrr also endearing. Ever original sounds, combining their digital music to surprising performances, preferring to hardware mods soldering iron MAO searching, they manage to create a creative and experimental minimalist universe instantly recognizable grain - even addictive. Each title offers a different vision of what can be electronic music, mimicking and mocking codes barriers. [La Boite a Moustach]