I call my music click'n'everything, 'cause like on boulion-base I can make any soup I want, I integrate variety of music styles and genres on the click'n'cuts base. This year is very good for me - besides two own albums i collaborate  on the album JOANNA "Pod Powierzchnią" (2005).

In autumn i'm going to publish first release of my side-project ANOTHER ONE. Besides my solo activity I also play with Zenial in AABZU project. 

Discography (main realeses):

- "Dilmun" (2002),

- "Mik-Musik na fortepian, chór i orkiestrê" (2003),

- "Echoes" (2005)

- "Looking For Shooting Stars" (2005).

-  AABZU / PHYLR "The Shape Of Lost Things" (2005).