He Started making music in late 90s, after he got his first PC. Since that time Waldek has been developing his skills as a producer and live performer. Influenced by diverse geners, such as idm, electro, minimal techno, funk and hip-hop he was trying to find his own music way.

In 2004 Waldek - with his techno project entitled Verthex Scratch - started performing live PA's in clubs. He's funky style was quick noticed by Bombtrap rec. which will release his vinyl debut later this year. In the meanwhile he was also creating softer kind of music, for which he coined a phrase "d'intelligent house". In 2005 he felt that this material should be released and that's how Naucca project was born. Around the same time he hooked up with Vj Vvarp from visualvinyl.net and started working togheter on audio - video ground as Naucca a/v. The effects of their work was special synced audio - video live pa, and vizualization to two Naucca's tracks: "Lacoste" and "Clear Shadows". The collaboration between those two wasn't just a one-time story, so you can expect new things from them in future.