I stand behind the decks sice 1993 and at the begining I was really inspired by techno. Since 1998 until 200 i was a DJ in 'microphoenix' and i changed my style to hip-hop. But since 1988 I feel good with the french filter house. However, in 2002 I came back to techno. Some of my favourite artists:Oscar Mulero, Surgeon, Regis, James Ruskin, Rummenige etc.

In 2003 I have become interested in minimal music (perlon,trapez,background and of course Jacek Sienkiewicz). Since then I go this way. 

At the same time I have started to produce my own music, but at first based on hard techno liveacts. Later on I came through the techhouse to minimal londs. Now I produce singles in minimal style. 

I also used to orginize various parties in Leipzig.