Born 1983, Buenos Aires - Argentina;

After nearly 6 years playing the guitar with different kinds of bands, I finally got involved with software to create my own sound independently. Never the less, I never gave up on the improvising sessions with my friends, some times I even record them and use the samples for my tracks.

I enjoy recording all kinds of sounds, especially from machines; they have a wide variety of possibilities once you start exploring with filters and granular samplers.

I think my style is not defined by the traditional way, (house, downtempo, experimental, etc...) because in fact, I do all kinds of music, probably as a result of me listening from jazz to trance to IDM ; I think what defines my style is the use of processed recorded acoustic mixed with synthetic sounds, with a nice groovy feeling,.. 

If you ask me what my favourite synth is, I would say Nature. 

Up to now I have only one previous release which is Oceansky, released by Sonica Net Label, 

I’ve been producing since 2003, there’s much more to come.