7am also known as Off Pop – DJ and producer from Szczecin (Poland). On local scene from 1997. In 2000 he founded Off Pop project with Radrik. Music that they produced is dynamic blend of modern sounds with solid bass backing.

Solo project of Rafal Dętkoś, former member Poliform Audio Projekt which has been brought to live in 2001 after legendary Solaris broke down.

Art Electronix has two key members, Eugene and Catherine, who'd rather promote their music than their names. A shared passion for programming began six years ago and developed, over time, into a system of semi-improvised live performances.

The project exists since 2000/2001.

Christian Quast found his way to electronic music in the young age of thirteen and backthe progress of his music always was one of his major priorities. Additionally he then already experimented with music software on Commodore C-64 and later the good old Amiga 500.

Deckard. Born 1979 in Warsaw, lives in Gdynia. He started producing music with Atari and Amiga modules in 1993. He's made his first performance in 1996 (with CUKT). In the late 90-ties he was a co-founder of Au-Gen (with Quads). Growing up on Berlin's electronic music he was gently turning on modern sounds.

Born 1983, Buenos Aires - Argentina;

I stand behind the decks sice 1993 and at the begining I was really inspired by techno. Since 1998 until 200 i was a DJ in 'microphoenix' and i changed my style to hip-hop. But since 1988 I feel good with the french filter house. However, in 2002 I came back to techno. Some of my favourite artists:Oscar Mulero, Surgeon, Regis, James Ruskin, Rummenige etc.

born 1981 spain. inmersed in electronic culture since the first contacts with detroit techno and dub, his first influences.

He Started making music in late 90s, after he got his first PC. Since that time Waldek has been developing his skills as a producer and live performer. Influenced by diverse geners, such as idm, electro, minimal techno, funk and hip-hop he was trying to find his own music way.

Oplen is the electronic music project by swedish music producer Henrik Sunbring. The idea of Oplen is to make music by using electronic equipment and effects outside the computer, just record and mix into the  computer.

After flirting with electronic music during some years, Sr. Click aka Chuänchö, decided at the end of the 90´s to get involved on his real inclination, the production. First djing in parties around and after making noises with some machines, always under techno or hard-techno style, he dedided to give expresion to his sensations and interests on a more serious way.

My name is Maciej Wojcieszkiewicz. I was born in Gdańsk in 1981 and I study painting at Academy of Fine Arts.

I call my music click'n'everything, 'cause like on boulion-base I can make any soup I want, I integrate variety of music styles and genres on the click'n'cuts base. This year is very good for me - besides two own albums i collaborate  on the album JOANNA "Pod Powierzchnią" (2005).

Traffic Jam band exists since 1998 and was founded by two gentlemen: Karol Ptach and Wiktor Kurc (Graphvic). They create difficult to define music, which is a good blend synth-pop, experimental electronic music, deep-house and electro. They describe their music as a fusion of voice transformation and emotional electronic musical landscapes.

Waldemar Wokolorczyk is young collegian,comes from Stettin-Poland.His primary vocation is jazz music. Nowadays,he has been studying in music college placed in Stettin-Poland since 2005 year. Producing the electronic sounds is his secondary vocation, which is called "Votchik".